Education: Ph.D. 1986-1993, U.C. Berkeley, Energy and Resources

Affiliation: Microgrid Design of Mendocino and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Current Activities: Chris Marnay is a retired Staff Scientist from Berkeley Lab, where he worked for 29 years, and produced over 100 publications. He currently leads an independent consultancy, and remains an Affiliate with Berkeley Lab’s China Energy Group. His current focuses are international microgrid research and demonstrations. He is the Convenor of CIGRÉ Working Group C6.22, and he serves on the International Microgrid Steering Committee

Some Recent Publications: 

  • Quashi, Mike, Chris Marnay, François Bouffard, and Géza Joós. “Optimal planning of microgrid power and operating reserve capacity,” Applied Energy, vol. 210, pp.1229-1236, Jan 2018.
  • Jin, Ming, Wei Feng, Chris Marnay, and Costas Spanos. “Microgrid to Enable Optimal Distributed Energy Retail and End-User Demand Response, Applied Energy, vol. 210, pp. 1321-1355, Jan 2018.
  • Marnay, Chris, HirohisaAki, Keiichi Hirose, Alexis Kwasinski, Saori Ogura, and Takao Shinji. “Japan’s Pivot to Resilience,” IEEE Power and Energy Magazine, May-June 2015.

Current Research Work and Interests: DC distribution in building nanogrids, role of microgrids in resilient communities, and building scale stationary and electric vehicle storage.