The International Advisory Committee is an ad honorem body that advises the Energy Center in the fulfillment of its plans, from the independent viewpoint of its members. Its mission is to accompany the growth of the Center by advising lines of action, supporting the research teams, providing strategic guidance for the achievement of goals and actively collaborating ins strengthening the international presence of the CE-FCFM.

Dra. Marama Maru-Lanning

University of Auckland
Academic at the University of Auckland, anthropologist specializing in community work, environmental anthropology and multicultural research.

Dra. Marta Torres

Universidad de Cataluña
Industrial Engineer, academic at the Universidad de Cataluña and specialist in climate change.

Dr. Chris Marnay

University of Berkeley
Microgrid specialist and member of the China Energy Group and the Lawrence Berkeley lab, academic at the University of California Berkeley.

Dr. Albert Moser

University of Aachen
Director of the Energy Institute of the University of Aachen, Germany.