Photo Diego Irizarri


  • Guillermo Jiménez
  • Rodrigo Palma
  • Marcia Montedonico
  • Carlos Arenas
  • Felipe Valencia
  • Marco Lofat de Fundación Chile
  • Lorena Cornejo. Universidad de Tarapacá de Chile

Lines involved

Smart Grids, Social-Environmental Development, Solar Energy

Project description

The project is a SERC Chile initiative. Its main goal is to create human capital in order to promote the development of urban and rural communities in the region of Arica y Parinacota through the use of solar energy.

Solar Ayllu entails the development of several solar energy-based sustainable mechanisms accordingly with the needs of each area.

Various academic institutions, as well as a number of undergraduate and graduate students, have taken part in this project.

Origin and contributions

Solar Ayllu started operations on May 1, 2015, and will be active for a period of five years. This project is made possible thanks to the contribution of BHP Billiton foundation.