• Rodrigo Palma – Investigador líder del proyecto

Lines Involved

Solar Energy, Social-Environmental Development.

Project Description

Chilean Solar Energy Research Center, SERC Chile, is a FONDAP program by the Scientific and Technology Research Center National Committee (Conicyt). Its main objective is to become a world leading institution on solar energy research, focusing primarily on developing the energy potential of the Atacama Desert in Chile.

The foundation of this project is Norte Grande’s huge potential for generation of solar based electricity, heat, and light, and of photovoltaic and thermal applications thanks to its high radiation levels and clarity indexes. These characteristics make the Atacama Desert an exceptional place for the study, development and testing of new technologies.

Since its inception, six lines of research have been defined and assigned to scholars from different universities and fields.

  1. Solar energy in industry and mining.
  2. High potency electricity systems with solar energy penetration.
  3. Solar energy coordination systems for urban and rural communities.
  4. Solar energy storage.
  5. Solar water treatment
  6. Economic, social, and regulatory aspects for the development of solar energy.

Origin and Contributions

SERC Chile started in 2012 as a FONDAP program by Conicyt. Its work team is made up by professionals from Universidad de Chile, Universidad de Tarapacá, Universidad de Antofagasta, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Universidad de Concepción and Fundación Chile.