• Rodrigo Palma – Investigador líder del proyecto
  • Willy Kracht – Investigador asociado
  • Roberto Román – Investigador asociado
  • Gustavo Díaz – Coordinador

Lines Involved

Solar Energy, Electricity Systems Analysis.

Project Description

Arid regions which are rich in raw materials boast an important synergy potential for solar energy and mining activities. Solar Mining, the technological use of these synergies, is critical to the goals of our country regarding energy costs, emissions, and competitive and sustainable resource extraction. These synergies materialize, for instance, as clean, competitive, local energy for the mining industry. Conversely, mining can also contribute to the solar energy field through the use of resources extracted, such as mineral salts for storage technologies (e.g.: batteries, molten salt), or steel for manufacturing montage structures.

The three-year research will attempt to find these relations and describe them from the perspective of a life cycle analysis. The final product will be a roadmap for the introduction of solar technologies into the mining industry, also considering environmental and economic factors.


On March 13, 2015, Conicyt published the six winners of the Conicyt – Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) joint tender for research projects. Solar Mining was one of them. The project was presented by SERC Chile director, Rodrigo Palma, Advance Mining Technology Center (AMTC) deputy director, Willy Kracht, Centro de Energía researchers Roberto Román and Jannik Haas, and University of Stuttgart’s Institute of Energy Economics, Ludger Eltrop. This will be the first joint research between CE and AMTC.


148,2 million pesos granted through Conicyt Chile – BMBF Germany joint tender for research projects, 2014 edition.